Protection covers

Although LIFE cushions are 'All Weather' and suitable to stay outside in most weather conditions, we recommend to protect them from dust and dirt when the furniture isn’t used for a longer period of time.  So, you can enjoy clean furniture all year round. This is where our new line of protection covers offer their added value.

Temperature changes make condensation inevitable. Our furniture covers, made from 100% ripstop polyester feature a breathable membrane which transports condensation outside while simultaneously prevent dust and dirt from getting in.

The other advantages of ripstop polyester are the favourable strength-to-weight ratio and the special weaving process prevents tears.

 For convenience and security we have added a number of buckles to each protection cover. This makes it easier to secure the protection cover to your furniture and guarantees optimal protection from the elements. Combined with the warranty we offer on our protection covers you can rest easy and know that your outdoor furniture is optimally protected.

24-1517-553      LIFE cover 01 lounge L-shape 225x225x85/60
24-1518-553      LIFE cover 02 lounge L-shape 210x180x85/60 left
24-1519-553      LIFE cover 03 lounge L-shape 180x210x85/60 right
24-1520-553      LIFE cover 04 lounge L-shape 225x285x85/60 left
24-1521-553      LIFE cover 05 lounge L-shape 285x225x85/60 right
24-1522-553      LIFE cover 06 lounge armchair 90x100x85/60
24-1523-553      LIFE cover 07 lounge bench 220x100x85/60
24-1524-553      LIFE cover 08 lounge L-shape 280x280x85/60
24-1525-553      LIFE cover 09 lounge L-shape 255x255x85/60
24-1526-553      LIFE cover 10 lounge L-shape 330x255x85/60 right
24-1527-553      LIFE cover 11 lounge L-shape 255x330x85/60 left
24-1528-553      LIFE cover 12 lounge L-shape 355x280x85/60 right
24-1529-553      LIFE cover 13 lounge L-shape 280x355x85/60 left
24-1530-553      LIFE cover 14 lounge L-shape 195x275x85/60 right
24-1531-553      LIFE cover 15 lounge L-shape 275x195x85/60 left
24-1532-553      LIFE cover lounge Fitz Roy CL right 270x350x80/50
24-1533-553      LIFE cover lounge Fitz Roy corner 350x350x80/50
24-1534-553      LIFE cover 18 lounge Fitz Roy corner 350x350x80/50
24-1535-553      LIFE cover 19 lounge L-shape 230x230x70
24-1536-553      LIFE cover 20 lounge L-shape 220x180 chaise left
24-1537-553      LIFE cover 21 lounge L-shape 180x220 chaise right
24-1538-553      LIFE cover 22 lounge L-shape 295x230x70 right
24-1539-553      LIFE cover 23 lounge L-shape 230x295x70 left
24-1540-553      LIFE cover lounge Nevada CL R/R 320x215x70
24-1541-553      LIFE cover lounge Nevada CL L/L 215x320x70
24-1542-553      LIFE cover 26 lounge Nevada corner 320x320x70
24-1543-553      LIFE cover 27 lounge big 280x280x70
24-1544-553      LIFE cover 28 lounge big 300x300x70
24-1545-553      LIFE cover 29 lounge big 300x235x70
24-1546-553      LIFE cover 30 lounge big 220x185x70
24-1547-553      LIFE cover 31 sunlounger 205x75x40
24-1548-553      LIFE cover 32 coffeetable rectangle 140x75x40
24-1549-553      LIFE cover 33 coffeetable square 90x90x40
24-1552-553      LIFE cover 36 for 6pcs stacking chair
24-1553-553      LIFE cover 37 dining 95x95x85
24-1554-553      LIFE cover 38 dining 155x155x85
24-1555-553      LIFE cover 39 dining 185x155x85
24-1556-553      LIFE cover 40 dining 215x155x85
24-1557-553      LIFE cover 41 dining 245x155x85
24-1558-553      LIFE cover 42 dining 265x155x85
24-1559-553      LIFE cover 43 dining 325x155x85

  • Warranty
    on all products
  • FSC®
    Teak wood
  • SVLK certified
    teak wood
  • Aluminium coating
    for all seasons
  • Weather proof
    wicker weaving
  • All Weather
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